Nimaya is redefining the field of therapy through the use of groundbreaking application of robotics to augment regular therapy sessions. Nimaya Robotics Training System is the first of its kind in India! The Nimaya Robotics Training System consists of Skill Training Units (STU) and Trainer Interface Unit (TIU). The company has several Skill Training Units, which collectively address over 30 psychomotor and cognitive skills.

To make Nimaya’s products easily accessible and affordable we have created a subscription-based model:

• Special Educators / Centers signup for Nimaya’s robotics based training program.
• Nimaya experts will provide training on how to use the Skill Training Units (STUs) during their regular therapy sessions, and provide the complete hardware and software.
• Therapists augment their training with the STUs. Children learn skills faster, retain longer and generalize to real life situations.
• Nimaya’s systems will record data, analyze and provide progress reports to the center and parents.

As simple as that! Click on the units below to learn more.

Joystick Skill Training Unit

One of the first devices to be used in training sequence, this device is fun to play with. The playtime involves moving the robotic arm towards the target toys, using the joystick.

Helps in developing:

  • Concept of direction.
  • Palmar Grasp, Elbow movement.
  • Hand–eye coordination.

Door Skill Training Unit

Children are always curious about what is behind closed doors. The game is to open the door to see the toy hidden behind the door, and to close the door ofcourse!

Helps in developing:

  • Concept of opening and closing, right and left hand identification.
  • Palmar grasp, wrist rotation, elbow movement.
  • Bilateral Coordination and hand-eye coordination.

Shoe Skill Training Unit

Its fun to wear your shoes and go out to play. Children love strapping on their shoes, and properly, with this one!

Helps in developing:

  • Identification of shoe, distinguishing right and left, ability to connect Velcro.
  • Pincer grasp, connection, elbow movement.

Shirt Skill Training Unit

Wearing a button down shirt is fundamental to dressing up. Children have fun understanding how to align the shirt and even try a real one on!

Helps in developing:

  • Identifying a shirt.
  • Identifying different colors and matching them, ability to connect Velcro.
  • Hand-eye coordination.
  • Pincer grasp, elbow movement, connection.

Trainer Interface Unit

The Training Interface Unit is a handy app based interface to manage the training session and progress reporting.

  • The TIU takes care of all behind the scene magic of student session management, recording data and uploading to the cloud for analysis
  • Progress tracking and reporting is managed through the TIU.
  • The therapist/special educator can focus on actively engaging with the child!