Nimaya means change in Sanskrit. We founded this company with the single goal of changing the lives of special needs children. Children who were born with autism spectrum disorder or other multiple disabilities are unable to enjoy a normal childhood or grow up into independent individuals. We see the world through their perspective and want to make a difference in their lives.

Through our products we are bringing game changing innovation to occupational therapy and special education, so special children can have fun while learning critical fine motor and cognitive skills.

Nimaya Robotics, is a privately held company and was founded in Sep 2018.

Nimaya is proud to be one of the first incubates of eiLabs Incubation Center.

The Team

We are team of three passionate people with complimentary skills united by our vision to make huge social impact.

Dr. Ramya S Moorthy has a Ph.D. in Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation with specialization in Social Robotics. Nimaya’s products are Ramya’s brainchild.

Her commitment to make a difference to the lives of special children combined with creativity and deep technical expertise has resulted in innovative products. Dr. Ramya excels at product design giving attention to every aspect - ergonomics, suitable colors, appropriate audio-sensory stimulation, and gamification of the learning process. Her work has been published in several International Scientific Journals on Robotics.

Dr. Ramya is an INSPIRE Fellow, IIS Fellow 2018, University Gold Medalist – MTech Robotics. She has Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.


With three decades of experience, Moorthy has led complex product design across different industries like Automotive, Avionics, Medical Devices, Industrial, Telecom and Networking that meet global standards. He setup global design centers and strategic organizations for MNCs and state governments. Moorthy setup India’s first private test laboratory for product testing and certification.

He mentors start-ups in Internet Of Things, Connected Vehicle Platforms and Electrical Vehicle related technologies. Given his rich and diverse experience, he plays a vital role in multiple functions at Nimaya.

A passionate teacher, he delivers graduate and postgraduate courses in creative design, embedded systems and electronic packaging. He has also authored a chapter in the book“The Internet of Things: Foundation for Smartcities, eHealth & Ubiquitous Computing”. Moorthy is an M.Tech from NIT Karnataka.