Launched by:

Thiru. Theni. C. Djeacoumar | Hon'ble Social Welfare Minister, Puducherry

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How it Works

GITA has more than 200 activities, that guides the parents/ guardians learn about and play with the child and record the response.

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GITA walks parents/ guardians through a step-by-step process that teaches them about the test, its purpose, how to administer it, and how to record the results after registration.

Key Features

GITA helps the parents to track their developmental milestones of children from birth until 5 years.


Picture-guided fun activities 


Simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ input approach


Tracks milestones every 3 months and provides timely notifications


Cutting-edge analysis and evaluation systems


An early detection tool, not a treatment plan


Available in four languages - English, Hindi, Tamil & Telugu


Since GITA is a cloud-enabled application, it captures responses to every test.

It prompts parents if any tests are pending/missed out for the child based on its developmental stage (age).

Based on the data collected, alerts the parents to meet the experts if the milestones that their child should have completed are not as per the standard protocols. This avoids delays in detection and enables prompt interventions on time and every time.

GITA comes in four different languages, including English, Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu.

Indianized scenarios, helps relate better

The Study

Our growing library contains over 200 activities have been curated based on intense 2 yrs research and backed by 5 yrs of research on children with disability.

Recommendations from paediatricians

Traditional knowledge assimilated from elders

Developed based on standard protocols developed by

The Hincks Dell Crest Centre

Trivandrum Developmental Screening Chart (TDSC) (up to 3 years)

COPP module of the Indian Academy of Paediatrics and many more


Mother, parents, guardians of infants and toddlers can use to track the growth of the baby.

GITA is just a tracking tool and not a treatment plan.

Yes! When you subscribe to GITA, you can access it on any device! All you have to do is log into GITA with the same phone number and enter the OTP you receive.

The pictures are saved locally in your phone's GITA app directory and stays only in your device.

The pictures will get deleted along with the app directory if uninstalled. Hence, please ensure you copy them to your phone gallery or any other directory priorly. If you need access to it in a different device or when you reinstall you will have to manually move the pictures to GITA app's file path from which you made a backup.

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App available for Android mobile and tablet devices

Available on Google Playstore and Amazon App Store

Available OnGoogle Play Store Also OnAmazon App Store